Qualité Tourisme

The Tourist Information center entered into the implementing and follow-up of a quality process from the year 2014. A dual objective shaped this decision of such a commitment : first, to get the Tourism Quality brand and by the same token to enroll in a continuous services-improvement approach towards our visitors and local residents.
The Quality Tourism brand referential served as a guide and toolwork in our operational implementing of this approach for our structure. A part of the processes and operational modes were formulated in 2014 and 2015. 
As a consequence of 2016 Tourist Information center’s structure change (status, staff, services), the Quality documents have been adapted, modified or updated accordingly when necessary. 
From February 2017, the functioning of the Quality approach is based upon new appliable documents. The Quality policy kept on despite the changes endured by the structure and the staff worked on applying it to the new organisation ; a fruitful element that shows the usefulness and seriousness of this approach for our structure. The obtaining of the Tourism Quality brand on the 4th of October 2017 materialized the deep work done by the whole staff team since 2014. 
In December 2019, the decision to change the structure of the Tourist Information center has been taken : it would be a Public Service Administration with a financial autonomy. From this moment on, it has been administrated by a President and the board members. 
The renewing of the brand Tourism Quality first due in September 2020 was reported to September 2021 because of the sanitary crisis. The staff is determined on implementing his actions and work following this referential and the updated criterias. 
The tourist office renewed its brand following the audit held on site, and obtained a rate of 95.08%, which is the pride of the team
The enrollment in this approach allowed our structure to : 
- Implement working methods thanks to their processes, modus operandi and templates. This working methods facilitate the workload of the whole staff and more particularly the one of the seasonal staff thus ensuring a constant quality of our services towards visitors and residents ; 
- To react more quickly to unplanned events thanks to an internal communication system (common documents, tables of misfunctioning ) ; 
- To take into account the expectations of our visitors in our actions, thanks to customer satisfaction forms ; 
- To work together including the staff into the thinking and making off of some actions and documents (considering their suggestions and requests) ; 
- To have a management tool which provided us with a better internal organisation. 
The successive directors take the Quality policy into account for all their actions. This approach has been adopted by the employees as a whole ; they are alerted and involved in this enrollment.
The tourist office plays an essential role in promoting and passing information about Val d’Allos territory on to tourists. The strong rivalry in tourism, the tourists’ requests being more and more demanding and precise push the tourist structures to offer quality services and to continuously adapt themselves to those constant and evolving requests. 
All these elements motivate us to continue this approach and to enroll us on a long -time basis in our continuous services-optimisation and improving process.