Mercantour National park

In the upper Verdon valley, its protected central area covers 54km².
Val d’Allos is at the edge of the Mercantour national park, which represents 36% of Allos area.

Thanks to the Mercantour  national Park, you will no doubt see its fauna, flora and colourful alpine flowers.
Here you will enjoy full of rambles.

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Mercantour national Park is also
- exceptional biodiversity, an area of floristic interest of international importance,
- natural habitats of priority interest,
- a rich and original fauna, the park is a place of reception of many relic species,
- valuable prehistoric evidence.

Our aim :  to protect and preserve this exceptional territory thanks to the highest international distinction of a natural property !

The Mercantour Ecotourisme  is a network of ecotourism professionals connecting the valleys of the Mercantour national Park with each other, thus promoting exchanges and cooperation.

Mostly attached to their territory, to the protection and enhancement of its natural and cultural heritage, the Mercantour Ecotourism is a network of accommodation providers, farmers, mountain guides, artisans, artists, etc.


National Park and rules

Protected area, the heart of the mercantour park  is subject to specific regulations which fall under a code of good conduct with regard to the environment, take note of it before you go for a walk.

For example :
- pets are not alloweds
- no rubbishes
- no fire
- no drone
- bivouc only (no camping)
- no mountain biking
- no fire...
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