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Val d'Allos Enduro VTT race, June, 23rd - 24th, 2018
Enduro series
VTT enduro coupe de France

Welcome to the birthplace of Enduro Racing!

This is the greeting that will be proudly sent to some 350 competitors in the  Val d'Allos enduro series, june 23rd and 24th.

The best French and international enduro VTT will be in the Haut Verdon valley to compete.
Every competitors will enjoy it ! 

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Val d'Allos awaits you every year for a weekend of sports and entertainment in an idyllic setting.
Original Event, with use of lifts
Recognitions and special timed Saturday and Sunday.

Competitors discover each year the new race courses concocted by the organizers.
Catégories 2018 :
- Cadets (15 - 16)
- Juniors men (17 - 18)
- Juniors women (15 to 18)
-Women (19 and +), 
- Men  (19 - 39)
- Master 1 (40 à 49)
- Master 2 (50 and +)
enduro series

We thank you Val d'Allos enduro series partners